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Ursus Minor et Desdamona – ZAD song

Keru / groupe GROIX made a short film from “Zad Song”, a title from the album What Matters Now from by the group Ursus Minor. In 2012, the group included in its repertoire “Notre Dame des Oiseaux de Fer”, a song of Hamon Martin Quintet and Sylvain GirO. “Zad song” with Desdamona will not take long to be created after it , greeting to all the opponents of the project of the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport, one of the most sadly “remarkable” and devastating useless projects of French government. In the resistance on the spot, a new life was created, rich in hope and human and natural openings. In 2013, Desdamona and Ursus Minor were invited to play on the Zad where this song was performed. Then the four Ursus Minor, Tony Hymas, Grego Simmons, François Corneloup, Stokley Williams, recorded it in Corrèze with their companions of Le Bénéfice du doute (Timothée Le Net and Mael Lhopiteau) and the participation of Sylvain GirO and the Chœur des Belous. Long live Zad!


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