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Lost Bodies – Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Lyrics – English translation

I like the people who don’t know how to live, only to perish, cause they are those, who pass to other side.

I like the big Despisers, cause are the arrows of desire, to the other side ..

I like the one who spends his soul, doesn’t want to tell him thank you, that always gives and does not want to be maintained.

I like the one who is ashamed when the dice roll in his favor..and he always wonders: I’m a rook, then? Cause he wants to be destroyed.

I like the one that his soul is deep, even within his wound..Cause it can be destroyed, even with the slightest experience..So willingly crosses the river.

Look at the good and the righteous, who they hate most…the one who shatters their plates of values..the destroyer, the criminal..who however is the one that creates.

I tell you .. someone has to be within the chaos, in order to give birth to a dancing star.

The wisdom of teachers and wise men of virtue .. says to awake to sleep well .. this is the wisdom of sleep without dreams … Blessed are the sleepy because they will quickly fall asleep.

I like the one who spends his soul.

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