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Cat Power – Hate




in the wind I crunch, I want to die

they can give me pills
or let me drink my fill
the heart wants to explode
far away where nobody knows

do you believe she said that?
do you believe she said that?

I said I hate myself and I want to die.

half of it is innocent
the other half is wise
the whole damn thing makes no sense
I wish I could tell you a lie
hey, come here
let me whisper in your ear

I hate myself and I want to die.

do you believe she said that?
can you believe she repeated that?
I said, I hate me myself and I
said I hate myself and I want to die



This song comes from her album The Greatest, which was a further move from the New York noise, folk, traditional southern acoustic, blues and piano-rock into Soul. This song however stand out from the rest of the album as a singular throwback to her earlier work, with simple acoustic accompaniment and searingly personal lyrics. If anyone’s worried however, when she played live versions of the song the lyrics became “In the wind I do not crunch… I do not hate myself… I do not want to die.” Her next album, the even more clearly soul record Jukebox showed her much lighter and happier. So does this mean that the elusive Sun album we’ve all been waiting for is no longer on the cards for a happy Chan? Part of me hopes not, but mostly I’m happy if she’s happy.

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